I managed to get the CAN portion working following this forum 
<http://forum.codesys.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=7331> . It is about the same 
At this site 
you have a document named getting started and there are indicated steps on 
how to configure and test UART on that cape.
I would suggest you to use codesys for your application as it has built in 
Modbus RTU, at least for the testing purposes. On their forum 
<http://forum.codesys.com/index.php> there are some interesting topics on 
beaglebone and raspberry, so you can try your luck there.
As I never tried the UART portion of that cape, I can't give you exact 
steps, but I hope this will help you.

Best regards

Dňa štvrtok, 1. decembra 2016 1:50:18 UTC+1 Bouni napísal(-a):
> Hi,
> indeed i want to go for Modbus TCP, but unfortunately my ventilation 
> system has only Modbus RTU. The BB will act as a Gateway between Modbus TCP 
> and Serial Modbus RTU.
> Am 30. November 2016 21:15:14 MEZ, schrieb William Hermans <
> yyr...@gmail.com <javascript:>>:
>> On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 11:45 AM, Bouni <bo...@owee.de <javascript:>> 
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have almost the same situation. I have a Beaglebone Green and the 
>>> Waveshare RS485 CAN CAPE mentioned in the first post.
>>> In the near future I want to use RS485 to build a Modbus TCP to Modbus 
>>> RTU Gateway to communicate with a central ventilation system in my house.
>>> What i found out so far is that the Waveshare cape can by default only 
>>> receive or transmit, but not both because it has no way to switch the /RE 
>>> and DE pins of the MAX485.
>>> But in my opinion the middle pin of the 485_RSE JMP Jumper header could 
>>> be connected to a appropriate pin using a jumper wire.
>>> My problem at the moment is that i have no idea if the kernel shipped 
>>> with the BeagleBone Green (3.8 something) is able to handle RS485, 
>>> especially direction switching.
>>> I've read that I should use the omap-serial driver instead of the 
>>> 8XXX-serial driver and that i have to apply some overlay stuff, but 
>>> actually 'm completely lost.
>>> It would be very helpful if somebody could point out what steps i need 
>>> to do in order to get RS485 working.
>> We bought a Logicsupply RS485 / CAN cape for a similar purpose. The CAN 
>> device we were trying to communicate with was actually a Schneider AC 
>> inverter, using a proprietary CANBUS protocol called "Xanbus"( Originally 
>> Xantrex ). 
>> Anyway, for your case, I'm wondering why you need RS485 / Modbus at all. 
>> Considering the beaglebone has an ethernet port . . .I mean, you're 
>> probably going to want to use Cat5e, or Cat6 anyway, right ?
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