On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 5:06 AM, Bouni <bo...@owee.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> thanks for your answers!
> I've searched the web yesterday in the evening for quite a long time and
> stumbled up on this page:
> http://inspire.logicsupply.com/2014/09/beaglebone-rs-485-
> communication.html
> If I got it right, I can use the installed Kernel (Linux beaglebone
> 3.8.13-bone71.1) because as of  3.8.13-bone39 RS485 support is built into
> the kernel.
> I just did a quick test:
> - The beaglebone is connected via USB to my laptop, I ssh into it over
> said usb.
> - I have a USB-RS485 adapter connected to my laptop as well
> - both devices are connected with 2 wires (A&B)
> - I've set the jumper to UART4, for both RX and TX
> - I also connected the RSE pin to P9_15 which is GPIO48
> - UART 4 was activated throug /boot/uEnv.txt (cape_enable=capemgr.enable_
> partno=BB-UART4)
> Using this python script https://gist.github.com/Bouni/
> 49a292798e88a7a0956c308b3c9d1190 (inspired by http://inspire.logicsupply.
> com/2014/09/beaglebone-rs-485-communication.html),
> I'm able to communicate over RS485. In my opinion i should be able to
> complete my project with these preconditions.
> I was considering sending you that link yesterday, but figured you knew of
it already.

> @William: my ventilation system is completely passiva as far as i know. It
> features a Modbus RTU server from which i can request information or send
> new settings over Modbus RTU.
> My Homeautomation system can only handle Modbus TCP. So my plan is to let
> the BB run a Modbus TCP server which translates the TCP requests to RTU and
> send them to the ventilation system.
> The answers just go the other way round.

 Ah, ok  got it.

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