Can anyone help me to point me what I am missing of blinking a led via PRU, 

I'd like to understand how to use PRUs in order to exploit them. So far, 
I'd be happy to start from blinking a led via PRU.

After some struggling, I was able to run righto 
blinking led example on an old 3.8 official image (i.e. 
bone-debian-7.8-lxde-4gb-armhf-2015-03-01-4gb) by following righto's guide 
and EBB (i.e. Exploring Beaglebone). In that blinky moment, I believed that 
I was figuring something out.

However, since I moved to the latest official image (i.e. 
bone-debian-8.6-lxqt-4gb-armhf-2016-11-06-4gb), everything felt apart...
Fortunately, I found this 
interesting thread, from which I found Greg's guide 
Hence, I followed Greg's guide to set up Remoteproc. While Greg's guide 
proceed by building and running PRUADC project, I compiled with success 
PRU_gpioToggle of pru-software-support-package's examples.
Then, I attached a led from p8.11 to gnd with a 700 Ohm resistance, and 
loaded the pru0 firmware as specified by Greg's guide, but it did not blink 
I also tried to confirm the pinmux configuration by using config-pin as 
suggested by RobertCNelson (e.g. "config-pin P8.11 pruout"), but no blink 
was spotted.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?


P.S. I am still confused about Device Tree, Remoteproc, and PRU_Driver, 
each time that I believe how it should work, it does not... mumble...
P.P.S. How could I check if PRU's firmware is running?

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