On 8/7/2017 10:55 PM, Clark Sann wrote:
> I need some help from someone who has succeeded in getting the PRU to write 
> files onto the host's file system. I have tried two methods:
> 1. Using open, fputs, fprintf, etc. This does not work for me. First of all, 
> unless I set the printf_support flag to minimal, even a simple program with 
> only 
> a single print statement uses more instruction memory than the BeagleBone PRU 
> has. Even if I set the flag to minimal, I do not find that any files have 
> been 
> written.
> 2. Using the low level drivers described starting on page 124 of the PRUC 
> Compiler V21 User Guide. I also cannot get these functions to write a simple 
> file.
> If anyone has succeeded in getting either of these methods to write a simple 
> string to a file, would you please consider posting some sample code?

You cannot write to anything like a file directly from the PRU.  The
best you could do is enable the PRU UART and craft a version of the C
library that would let you do printf() or similar to a console.

If you need to save data into a file, you will have to pass it from
the PRU to the ARM at which point you can do anything available via
Linux (print to console, write to file, send via Ethernet, etc).

Charles Steinkuehler

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