I have same problems with SPI1. Guilty part seems to be wl18x that requires 
pulldown on certain pin. See /opt/source/dtb-4.4-ti/src/arm/
 (included by am335x-bonegreen-wireless.dts). Last fragment introduces 
gpio-hog of pin p9.30.  I've tried to enable SPIDEV1 on boot which leads to 
wilink crashing on init. 
Comment on file shows that it is somehow related to BT_AUD which I dont 
need but I need wlan and bluetooth. I dont know if that is hardwired or not 
but changing that hog-pin to another was NOT good idea... 

So I need to re-route my wirings to SPI0 (which overlaps my I2C-2...) so 
i'll be quite busy for a while...

Please inform here if solution is found. 

perjantai 23. kesäkuuta 2017 18.33.16 UTC+3 mjbo...@gmail.com kirjoitti:
> Problem "solved" (worked around really) by switching to SPI0, changing the 
> pins around and rerouting most of our custom cape.
> There are still some problems with the SPI bus but that's a separate issue.

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