Am Mittwoch, 7. März 2018 15:43:09 UTC+1 schrieb Jeff Andich:
> I just did a 10 second google and it appears like tda998x is related to 
> HDMI which you pulled from your board.
> Just a couple of basic questions:
> 1) Did you remove the HDMI from either/both the u-boot pinmux and/or the 
> cape manager?
> 2) If you start with a console image, does this yield the same result?  
> I'm assuming that the console image doesn't access the HDMI port, but I 
> DID see what appeared to be plain text appear on the HDMI port before 
> X-windows started up on an LXQT image, so I could be mistaken..
>  Thank you for your fast reply. 
I didnt remove anything. I only download this image:
from and put it on my sd-card. 
I'm new to this topic and tried to build an own uboot and linux kernel with 
the BBB configuration. But they stopped after the RAM-check. Then I 
noticed, that my NAND is not properly connected because of a hardware 
issue. I assume that it check for the NAND and stops, because it cant find 
it. Then I tried the angström image from But I cant edit 
it. Is there a way to edit it with the uEnv.txt or do you now where I can 
disable the NAND-check in a current uboot?
Thank you 

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