>  Thank you for your fast reply.
> I didnt remove anything. I only download this image:

"I also try to run a custom board similar to the BBB. I only removed
the HDMI part and use a MT41K256M16TW-107 ITP DDR3. When I try to
boot, it stops while running the kernel:"

YOU removed the HDMI..

> https://s3.amazonaws.com/angstrom/demo/beaglebone/Angstrom-Cloud9-IDE-GNOME-eglibc-ipk-v2012.12-beaglebone-2013.06.20.img.xz
> from BeagleBoard.org and put it on my sd-card.
> I'm new to this topic and tried to build an own uboot and linux kernel with
> the BBB configuration. But they stopped after the RAM-check. Then I noticed,
> that my NAND is not properly connected because of a hardware issue. I assume
> that it check for the NAND and stops, because it cant find it. Then I tried
> the angström image from beagleboard.org. But I cant edit it. Is there a way
> to edit it with the uEnv.txt or do you now where I can disable the
> NAND-check in a current uboot?

What Nand?

Anywho, it's 2018, that 2012 image is EOL...


Robert Nelson

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