I have two boards a BeagleBone Black Wireless and a BeagleBone Black Rev C. 
Recently, when booting my BeagleBone Black Wireless with an Ubuntu SD, the 
board will light up and in my Windows 10 computer's network connections the 
Remote NDIS Compatible Device shows up but pinging does not 
give any response and I can't SSH into the board anymore. If I put an SD 
with debian into the BBB Wireless, I can SSH into it fine. Also, if I take 
the Ubuntu SD and use it in my BeagleBone Black Rev C I can ping it and SSH 
into it. The only combination that doesn't work is the Ubuntu SD with the 
BBB Wireless. 

Can anyone give insight on what the issue might be? I think this error may 
have started to appear when I was changing network settings to try and use 
internet sharing through USB.

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