Thank you for writing beancount as well as exellent documentation in terms 
of introduction to accounting and beancount as a software package.  I have 
read several of them like Getting Started Guide, Trading with Beancount, 
Cookbook.  I still have a few questions as I'm coming to grips with using 
the software effectively.

Is there a way to define default currency so I don't have to enter it 
beside a very large portion (over 50%) of entries?

When selling stocks, is there a quick way to generate credit entries for 
the stocks with their book vaule?  For example if I purchase a stock 10 
times, 20 stocks at a time, when I want to record the sale of 181 units I 
need to track down all previous purchases to figure out book value of each, 
and type 10 with book value in {}.  What's the quickest way to make this 
type of entry?  If there's an "automatic" way to express this in beancount 
language assume I don't care how stocks are picked - LIFO or FIFO.

I need to calculate adjusted cost base in some cases when selling stock.  
Does anyone have any suggestions on the most effective way to do ths?  For 
example can you help me write a query/report to generate book value for 
each purchase trade, since the last time stock count was 0.  The reason I 
had 0 in there is for example if I purchase 5 stock, sell 5 stock, purchase 
10 stock, then another 10.  I'm only interested in the last 2 transactions 
for this calculation, the fact that I previously had 5 stock at some price 
is not relevant to current ACB calculation.

Thank you.

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