Hi, Martin. I know you claimed to have eliminated a bunch of "a valid price 
for … could not be found" errors from the unrealized gains plugin a year 
ago, but I'm still getting a bunch of them in my file. It's so many that 
I'm not even sure where to begin.

Okay, here's one that should be easy. It's not my common case, but it's 
easy to isolate because I only have one transaction with it:

;; -*- mode: org; mode: beancount; coding: utf-8 -*-

option "operating_currency" "USD"
plugin "beancount.plugins.auto_accounts"
plugin "beancount.plugins.unrealized" "Unrealized"

2005-05-24 * "Home Purchase"
  Assets:Home  1 HOUSE {100000.00 USD}

When I run bean-query on this file, I get

<unrealized_gains>:0:       A valid price for HOUSE/USD could not be found

Am I expressing this transaction correctly, and is it a bug that I'm still 
seeing this error?

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