* mplo...@gmail.com <mplo...@gmail.com> [2018-04-10 18:46]:
> Also i have several different sources of income so they also should be 
> split as well?
> * Income 1
> * Income 2
> * Income 3

It depends and is a personal choice.

I only split based on the income type, e.g.


If I had 2 employers, I would not put this into the account name.
I would use tags:

2018-04-11 * Salary from company A   #companyA
    Assets:Checking:Chase            1000.00 USD
    Income:Employment:Salary        -1000.00 USD

2018-04-12 * Salary from company B   #companyB
    Assets:Checking:Chase            1000.00 USD
    Income:Employment:Salary        -1000.00 USD

However, other people would do it differently.  For example, Martin
Blais would probably add the employer name to the name of the income

Martin Michlmayr

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