This is my source for those theoretical numbers:

If those numbers are off, that makes my job a bit easier.  And it looks like you're right. In the text above the table, it does mention 2-socket servers, and then below the table in fine print, it states

"For AMD Opteron Processors, theoretical FLOPS = Core Count x Core Frequency x number of processors per server x 4."

Why can't the table just show single socket performance? Grrrr....

Regardless of bad marketing and graphics design, I'm still at at square one. My system has 2 sockets, and the best I've been able to do is get ~115 GFLOPS. And that's one of the 'instaneous' values LINPACK spits out every few seconds. At the end of test, the actual GFLOPS  result is more like 77 GLOPS:

T/V                N    NB     P     Q Time                 Gflops
WR00L2L2       82775    40     4     8 4924.71              7.678e+01

This is a two socket system, so that's only 27% of theoretical max.


On 02/22/2018 01:18 PM, Dmitri Chubarov wrote:

not sure if the 282 GFLOPS number is correct.

We have 16 Bulldozer/Interlagos cores at 2.2 GHz. Each pair of cores forms a CMT module. The two cores in the module share an FPU with 2 128-bit FMAC units.

In terms of double precision FLOPS it should make
16 * 2.2GHz * 2 double precision scalars/SIMD register * 2 FLOPS / FMA op = 140.8 GFLOPS

It looks like 282 GFLOPS number is per a 2P node.


On 22 February 2018 at 21:37, Prentice Bisbal < <>> wrote:


    In your experience, how close does actual performance of your
    processors match up to their theoretical performance? I'm
    investigating a performances issue on some of my nodes. These are
    older systems using AMD Opteron 6274 processors. I found
    literature from AMD stating the theoretical performance of these
    processors is 282 GFLOPS, and my LINPACK performance isn't coming
    close to that (I get approximately ~33% of that).  The number I
    often hear mentioned is actual performance should be ~85%. of
    theoretical performance is that a realistic number your experience?

    I don't want this to be a discussion of what could be wrong at
    this point, we will get to that in future posts, I assure you!

-- Prentice

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