and so with the demise of SoA we're back to square 1...


audiomuze wrote: 
> Some time ago I made the switch from Ubuntu Server to using Arch Linux
> as the host OS for my music server.  I've cribbed an LMS install from
> Triode's Squeeze on Arch scripts and have the lot up and running
> successfully, however, with the improvements in 7.9 I'd like to be in a
> position to test the latest nightly on my server so I can provide
> feedback, check for bugs etc.  Two questions:
> 1) Michael, would you consider adding a nightly for Arch Linux; if not
> 2) Could you point me in the right direction re what's required to build
> LMS from source - I'm happy to to do the building myself, just need to
> know how to go about it.

*'puddletag' (* - now packaged in most
Linux distributions.
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