HI Adriano,

Lightmap support in eevee is not trivial. If you just want to bake the
irradiance (diffuse) in cycles and use it in eevee you can add an emission
node with the lightmap multiplied by the diffuse color, and  set the
diffuse color in other bsdf nodes to black.

And creating really good lightmaps system is not easy. We would need to
encode the lighting directionallity and I don't even know if cycles can do
that. Also managing instances UV offsets/scalling/packing is another

It's not in our short term goals for sure.


2018-02-14 14:21 GMT+01:00 Adriano Oliveira <adriano.u...@gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> Cycles bake was a great thing implemented by Dalai. With the workflows
> pointing out to PBR, I hope we have some time for adjustments/additions.
> This is my contributions (not asking for/demanding anything):
> 1. The Cycles bake workflow is not intuitive. The need for a image texture
> node alone selected in the shader is not ideal. Good addons like TexTools
> solve this, but I think it should be addressed in 2.8 with new depsgraph.
> 2. We should be able to bake some missing real PBR maps: Roughness,
> Metallic... (Ok, we can already do it manually in most scenarios).
> 3. We need to Bake Cycles Lightmaps (32bits). This is a real deal for
> Eevee. Baked Shadows are not enough. Plus, objects with lightmaps should
> not be affected by Eevee Irradiance Volume and static lights.
> Hope we can get there somewhere in time. ;)
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