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> I'm new to bibdesk and this mailing list. I like bibdesk so far, but I see it 
> doesn't like when I try to edit a generated bibtex file by hand with vim. If 
> I edit the file with vim and then later open it with bibdesk and make a 
> subsequent edit with bibdesk, it doesn't like it and overwrites the file and 
> omits my manual edit.  This is probably a feature that I don't recognize. 
> What's the workaround? What I'm trying to do is add the shortauthor field to 
> a bibtex entry. Thanks in advance!

A little more detail would help (unless Christian's answer gave you what you 

What specific steps are involved?  Do you close the BibTeX .bib file when 
editing by hand?

FWIW, I frequently edit the .bib file by hand, and have no problems (except for 
those rare instances when I fubar the .bib file...).


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