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  |>  Noob here. I am using BibDesk with LyX, writing an IEEE Transactions 
paper using the ieeetrans template within LyX.
  |>  I have references in BibDesk that have fields such as DOI, URL, and ISSN 
that are filled in. I do not want these fields to appear in the IEEE paper as 
this is not compatible with the IEEE referencing format. Yet, when I create a 
PDF from within LyX, these items do in fact appear in the bibliography.
  |>  How do I suppress these unwanted fields? Or is this a LyX question?

In case you are interested in using the IEEE-style biblatex package for 
references, you could declare:


I think `isbn=false` would clear the ISSN but I haven't tried it myself. Then 
you would have to declare your bib file as:


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