On 2016-09-21 02:40, Frank Even wrote:
Is there a way to add forwarders for specific zones without a restart?
 Everything I've read seems to indicate an "rndc reconfig" or an "rndc
reload" should take care of this, but they do not.  I add forwarders
to "named.conf" and neither will load the new forwarded zone until I
do a full daemon restart.

On 20.09.16 19:44, Frank Even wrote:
The basics are fine.  BIND just doesn't load newly added forwarded zones,
period.  It also kind of lies in the output:

the reconfig SHOULD cause bind reload the configuration.
the reload SHOULD cause bind reload the zones.

if it does not, it's probably a bug.

for forwarding zones, reconfig should be enough.

I guess, if the configuration is invalid, the old one should keep being
Sep 20 17:57:48 host01 named[26453]: reloading configuration succeeded
Sep 20 17:57:48 host01 named[26453]: any newly configured zones are now

...except they're not.  Thus far I think the only condition I've actually
seen BIND load new zones without a restart after being added to named.conf
is if it's not already authoritative for a lower level part of a domain and
you're adding an authoritative zone.

Bind checks for zone file timestamps, although files do not apply for
forwarding zones, so they are also not loaded, because queries for them are of
course being forwarded (or recursed, if they are set to "forward first" and
the forwarders do not answer).

Even adding another master zone that is higher up in the hierarchy will not
load until a full restart I've found (meaning you have "domain.com"
configured as a master zone and add "subdomain.domain.com" as a master zone
as well).

so, do you have problems with forwarding zones or master zones?

Did you run named-checkconf as Benny advised?
Did you run named-checkzone for the newly added zones?

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