On 21.09.16 14:49, philippe.simo...@swisscom.com wrote:
and after a forward add a rndc flush can help too ..

not needed unless old forwarders provide invalid data.

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On 2016-09-21 02:40, Frank Even wrote:
Is there a way to add forwarders for specific zones without a restart?
 Everything I've read seems to indicate an "rndc reconfig" or an
"rndc reload" should take care of this, but they do not.  I add
forwarders to "named.conf" and neither will load the new forwarded
zone until I do a full daemon restart.

On 20.09.16 19:44, Frank Even wrote:
The basics are fine.  BIND just doesn't load newly added forwarded
zones, period.  It also kind of lies in the output:

the reconfig SHOULD cause bind reload the configuration.
the reload SHOULD cause bind reload the zones.

if it does not, it's probably a bug.

for forwarding zones, reconfig should be enough.

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