I assume you did increase the serial, if not this is what I would expect
to happen.

On 21/09/16 10:53, Tony Finch wrote:
> Frank Even <lists+isc....@elitists.org> wrote:
>> Is there a way to add forwarders for specific zones without a restart?
>> Everything I've read seems to indicate an "rndc reconfig" or an "rndc
>> reload" should take care of this, but they do not.  I add forwarders to
>> "named.conf" and neither will load the new forwarded zone until I do a full
>> daemon restart.
> I bet you are running chrooted, and you are editing named.conf outside the
> chroot, and the restart script copies it into the chroot.
> You need to find a way to run the copy independently of restarting the
> daemon.
> Maybe there is something like `systemctl reload named.service` which does
> a graceful reload ... but, looking at the srpm I think you might have to
> run `/usr/libexec/setup-named-chroot.sh /var/named/chroot on`. OBVIOUSLY.
> Tony.

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