Hi all :-)

I've two zones: zone1 is an internal zone and another zone: vpn.

I need that acl1 can "see" internal vpn zone, the problem is that acl1 "see" vpn zone as external zone because this zone is a FQDN, while should see vpn as vpn.db. are clients with also openvpn clients, while are not vpn clients.

sorry but I can't simplify :-/

acl1 {; };
acl2 {; };

// zone1
view "internal_lan" {
        match-clients { acl1; acl2; };
        include "/etc/bind/named.conf.default-zones";

        zone "zone1" {
                type master;
                file "/etc/bind/zones/zone1.db";

// vpn
view "vpn" {
        match-clients { acl1; };

        zone "vpn_zone" {
                type master;
                file "/etc/bind/zones/vpn.db";


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