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Right.  "in-view" can be useful for this, as long as you only need to refer
to previously defined views (i.e., it unfortunatley doesn't allow forward

So put the zone in the first view.  Updates, notifies and queries
are delivered to the zone from all views the zone is in.  Acls are
all configurable on the zone level if you don't like the inherited
acls from the first view.

To get any order we need to configure all views without the in-view
zones then go back and configure all the in-view zones.

We then would need to go and configure all the automatic empty zones
as they need to be aware of bottom of zone cuts.

It's do able but it isn't high on the priority list.

Understood. I didn't say it was unreasonable; just unfortunate. There are some configurations which would benefit from order-independent in-view references, but I understand that it's not trivial.

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