I apologize, I sent the previous email in error. This is what I get for having 
so many revisions of named sitting around on one server, I was not running 
9.12.1b1 when I tested this. I will be more careful in the future. I just 
tested this with 9.12.1b1 and it still fails, the same as 9.12.

I do understand that the function of rs.dns-oarc.net is to test things that can 
no longer be tested in 9.12, but regardless I should still be able to resolve 
the nameservers for rs.dns-oarc.net, right?

Is anyone on 9.12 able to do this? Is this just my problem?

Thank you again,


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Just wanted to follow up 9.12.1b1 fixes this issue for me.



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