I'm sorry to keep replying to myself but I believe I've found the line of code 
that is causing this issue. Looking at validator.c, in the check_deadlock 
function, 9.12.0rc1 says:


                if (parent->event != NULL &&
                    parent->event->type == type &&
                    dns_name_equal(parent->event->name, name) &&


9.12.0rc3 and above says:


                if (parent->event != NULL &&
                    (parent->event->type == type ||
                     parent->event->type == dns_rdatatype_cname) &&
                    dns_name_equal(parent->event->name, name) &&


By removing  "parent->event->type == dns_rdatatype_cname)" (and adjusting the 
rest of the if statement appropriately) the query "dig ns rs.dns-oarc.net" 

I see this commit related to this line of code: 

I'm sure this line of code is important, otherwise it wouldn't be there and I 
don't know enough to be removing random bits of code, so of course I'd never 
run this in production. Still I want to understand why this is happening and if 
it’s a bug or me not understanding DNS properly. 

As always thank you for your time!

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