On 14 May 2024, at 15:20, DEMBLANS Mathieu wrote:

A part of the subdomains are managed by us, others subdomains by an other entity. So we can't configure a generic target for all subdomains as each entity has its own target for SRV entries.

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On 14.05.24 13:08, DEMBLANS Mathieu wrote:

I have a question about configuration simplification for SRV configuration (maybe it can be applyed for other entries).

We manage multiple subdomain of a main one (server1.example.com, server2.example.com,...). For A and MX entries, we use a general domain definitions with wildcard but is there a way to do so for SRV without having to define all subdomains (we have several dizains of it) ?

We have to define some SRV entries with the same target like :
_imap._tcp.server1.example.com IN SRV main.exemple.com
_imap._tcp.server2.example.com IN SRV main.exemple.com

Since a record is needed for each host, I think I would use something like this:

    imap._tcp.server1.example.com. IN SRV main.example.com.
imap._tcp.server2.example.com. IN CNAME imap._tcp.server1.example.com.
imap._tcp.servern.example.com. IN CNAME imap._tcp.server1.example.com.

The advantage here is that, if ever the target of the SRV record had to
be changed, only one record would have to be updated.

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