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This mail concerns all those interested in technology related to 
1)      In the following video, you can see our recent advances in the 
electronic McPhail trap.

2)      In the following paper, we describe in detail a complete, optical 
wingbeat recorder that auto-triggers and records the wingbeat of an insect as 
it passes its field of view. The snippet is stored as an audio file in the SD 
card of the device. When inserted in insectary cages containing flying insects, 
it can record effortlessly thousands of wingbeat events per day.

3)      Finally, we have the ambition to apply surveillance control (i.e. 
sample and track insects of economic and hygienic importance in specific areas 
such as fruit flies, the red palm weevil, mosquitoes, stored-product insects 
etc), worldwide and send measurements to a central agency that can be anywhere 
in the world to create infestation maps. This is described in the following:
I. Potamitis, I. Rigakis, Insect surveillance at a global scale and the 
Internet of Things. EcoSummit 2016 Ecological Sustainability: Engineering 
Change, August 2016, Montpellier, France.

Please note that these devices along with the tracking site have a 
product-level maturity ranging from 80-100% (i.e. depending on the trap-type, 
they are power sufficient for months, are created using optimised, low-power 
electronics and are compatible with the internet of things IoT).

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