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below you find the bioacoustic articles in Animal Behaviour and Ethology from 
March to May 2018.
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Animal Behaviour, Volume 137, e1-e2, 1-236 (March 2018)

Eavesdropping in an African large mammal community: antipredator responses vary 
according to signaller reliability
Pages 1-9
Meredith S. Palmer, Abby Gross

A lifetime of changing calls: North Atlantic right whales, Eubalaena glacialis, 
refine call production as they age
Pages 21-34
Holly Root-Gutteridge, Dana A. Cusano, Yu Shiu, Douglas P. Nowacek, ... Susan 
E. Parks

Birdsong characteristics are related to fragment size in a neotropical forest
Pages 45-52
Patrick J. Hart, Esther Sebastián-González, Ann Tanimoto, Alia Thompson, ... 
Michael Atencio-Picado

Song is not a reliable signal of general cognitive ability in a songbird
Original research article
Pages 205-213
Adrienne L. DuBois, Stephen Nowicki, Susan Peters, Karla D. Rivera-Cáceres, 
William A. Searcy

Birdsong performance studies: correcting a commentary on Cardoso and Atwell 
Original research article
Pages e1-e2
Gonçalo C. Cardoso, Jonathan W. Atwell

Animal Behaviour, Volume 138, Pages e1-e14, 1-192 (April 2018)

The low-frequency acoustic structure of mobbing calls differs across habitat 
types in three passerine families
Pages 39-49
Alexis C. Billings

Is flight-calling behaviour influenced by age, sex and/or body condition?
Pages 123-129
Amy K. Tegeler, Kyle G. Horton and Sara R. Morris

The ‘hot male’ hypothesis: do female crickets prefer males with increased body 
temperature in mate choice scenarios?
Pages 75-84
Bettina Erregger, R. Matthias Hennig and Heiner Römer

Animal Behaviour, Volume 139, Pages e1-e8, 1-180 (May 2018)

Song type matching and vocal performance in territorial signalling by male 
swamp sparrows
Original research article
Pages 117-125
Irene A. Liu, Jill A. Soha, Stephen Nowicki Original research article

Ethology Volume 123, Issue 11 Pages i - i, 779 – 884 ( 
Behavioural responses of male ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus, L.) to playbacks 
of drumming displays<>
Nicholas P. 
 and Andrew N. 
Pages: 161-169

Honest error, precaution or alertness advertisement? Reactions to vertebrate 
pseudopredators in red‐nosed cuxiús (Chiropotes albinasus), a high‐canopy 
neotropical primate
Adrian A. 
 Tadeu de 
 Rafaela, Fatima Soares da 
 Samara de Albuquerque 
 Lucy M. 
 and Sarah A. 
Pages: 177-187

Ethology Volume 124, Issue 4, Pages i-iii, 209-278 
Who is in the neighborhood? Conspecific and heterospecific responses to 
perceived density for breeding habitat selection
Janice K. Kelly, Scott J. Chiavacci, Thomas J. Benson and Michael P. Ward
Pages: 269-278

Ethology Volume 124, Issue 5, Pages i-iii, 279-364 
Call recognition and female choice in a treefrog with a multicomponent call
Mark V. Oliva, Kristine Kaiser, Jeanne M. Robertson , David A. Gray
Pages: 331-337

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