I am trying to build IGV (a new submission) on windows (tokay2) after linux and 
macOS build clean.

IGV needs its base class package, BrowserViz, at version >= 2.0, whose build 
report is OK for install, build, and build bin.   BrowserViz 2.0.11 fails 
check, probably because now web browser is available on the build machines.

The IGV build on windows reports an error I have not seen before.  Can anyone 
help?  What does “masked” mean in this context - not of a function, method or 
variable, but apparently of the entire package?

- Paul

* installing *source* package 'IGV' ...
** R
** inst
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
Warning: version 2.0.11 of 'BrowserViz' masked by 1.11.0 in 
Error : package 'BrowserViz' 1.11.0 was found, but >= 2.0 is required by 'IGV'

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