Hi Bryan,

On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 07:34:24PM -0600, Bryan Bishop wrote:
> Well if you are bothering to draft up a BIP about that SIGHASH flag,
> then perhaps also consider some other SIGHASH flag types as well while
> you are at it?

I'll take a look at those proposals when drafting the BIP. I think for
LN, there is a single clean way to achieve outsourcability, but may be
compatible with other arrangements. I'm somewhat averse to proposing too
much flexibility before there's clear use-cases, though. However, if
others do have uses/examples for other sighash flags, I'd be very
interested while drafting this BIP!

> FWIW there was some concern about replay using SIGHAHS_NOINPUT or something:
> http://gnusha.org/bitcoin-wizards/2015-04-07.log

Yeah, I think the nice thing about SegWit is that you resolve
malleability without worrying about replay attacks in the event of key
reuse. That's why I think it's only safe to do this new sighash type
inside segwit itself -- if you only wanted protection against
malleability you'd use segwit, and not touch this new sighash type
(you'd only use the new sighash flag if you actually need its features).

Joseph Poon
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