Joseph Poon via bitcoin-dev <> writes:
> Ideally, a 3rd-party can be handed a transaction which can encompass all
> prior states in a compact way. For currently-designed Segregated Witness
> transactions, this requires storing all previous signatures, which can
> become very costly if individuals to thousands of channel state updates
> per day.

AFAICT we need more than this.  Or are you using something other than
the deployable lightning commit tx style?

If each HTLC output is a p2sh[1], you need the timeout and rhash for
each one to build the script to redeem it.  In practice, there's not
much difference between sending a watcher a tx for every commit tx and
sending it information for every new HTLC (roughly a factor of 2).

So we also need to put more in the scriptPubKey for this to work; either
the entire redeemscript, or possibly some kind of multiple-choice P2SH
where any one of the hashes will redeem the payment.

[1] eg. from
        OP_HASH160 OP_DUP # Replace top element with two copies of its hash
        <R-HASH> OP_EQUAL # Test if they supplied the HTLC R value
                          # Or the commitment revocation hash
        OP_IF # If any hash matched.
                <KEY-B> # Pay to B.
        OP_ELSE # Must be A, after HTLC has timed out.
                <HTLC-TIMEOUT> OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY Ensure (absolute) time 
has passed.
                <DELAY> OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY # Delay gives B enough time to 
use revocation if it has it.
                OP_2DROP # Drop the delay and htlc-timeout from the stack.
                <KEY-A> # Pay to A.
        OP_CHECKSIG # Verify A or B's signature is correct.

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