On 2016/10/16 09:35, Gavin Andresen via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> I asked a lot of businesses and individuals how long it would take them
> to upgrade to a new release over the last year or two.
> Nobody said it would take them more than two weeks.
> If somebody is running their own validation code... then we should
> assume they're sophisticated enough to figure out how to mitigate any
> risks associated with segwit activation on their own.

In addition, there has been a page up for several months
(https://bitcoincore.org/en/segwit_adoption/) that gauges whether or not
wallets are ready for SegWit. Unfortunately, it appears that the page
hasn't been updated since May. I do know that several wallets have
finished or are close to finishing their support, though.

Would I want anyone to lose money due to faulty wallets? Of course not.
By the same token, devs have had almost a year to tinker with SegWit and
make sure the wallet isn't so poorly written that it'll flame out when
SegWit comes along. It's not like this is some untested, mostly unknown
feature that's being slipped out at the last minute, unlike other
features I could name but won't. :)

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