On Wed, Apr 05, 2017 at 11:23:22PM -0400, David Vorick wrote:
> I urge everybody to realize how difficult something like this is going to
> be to pull off. We are literally talking about invalidating hardware (or at
> least the optimized bits). It's only going to succeed if everybody is
> conclusively on board. As you consider proposals, realize that anything
> which is not the simplest and least contentious is already dead.

One of the things going for us here is that Bitmain has been keeping ASICBOOST
from their own customers - as far as we know they haven't been sharing it, and
thus they're the only ones you can actually use it.

So while we're pissing off Bitmain in disabling it, we wouldn't be affecting
anyone else.

Equally, mining is a zero-sum game: if no-one can use ASICBOOST, miners are in
the same position as before. ASICBOOST is only relevant to miners like Bitmain
who have access to it while other miners don't.

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