If I understand Bulletproof Confidential Transactions properly, their main 
virtue is being able to hide not the senders/receivers of a coin but the amount 
That sounds to me like a perfect use case for an election.
For instance, in my country, every citizen is issued a National ID Card with a 
digital certificate. 
So, a naive implementation could simply be that the Voting Authority, sends a 
coin (1 coin = 1 vote) to each citizen above 18. This would be an open 
transaction, so it is easily auditable.
Later on, each voter sends her coin to her preferred party, as part of a 
Bulletproof CT, along with 0 coins to other parties to disguise her vote.
In the end, each party will accrue as may votes as coins received.

Is there any gotcha I’m missing here? Are there any missing features required 
in Bulletproof to support this use case?
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