Gregory Maxwell <> writes:
> I know it seems kind of silly, but I think it's somewhat important
> that the formal name of this flag is something like
> "SIGHASH_REPLAY_VULNERABLE" or likewise or at least
> "SIGHASH_WEAK_REPLAYABLE". This is because noinput is materially
> insecure for traditional applications where a third party might pay to
> an address a second time, and should only be used in special protocols
> which make that kind of mistake unlikely.   Otherwise, I'm worried
> that wallets might start using this sighash because it simplifies
> handling malleability without realizing that when a third party reuses
> a script pubkey, completely outside of control of the wallet that uses
> the flag, funds will be lost as soon as a troublemaker shows up (but
> not, sadly, in testing).  This sort of risk is magnified because the
> third party address reuser has no way to know that this sighash flag
> has (or will) be used with a particular scriptpubkey.

Absolutely agree that we should be signaling the danger of using noinput
as clearly as possible to developers, and I'm more than happy to adopt
the _unsafe suffix suggested by jb55. I think using non-sighash_all
sighashes is always a huge danger, as you have correctly pointed out, so
maybe we should be marking all of them as being unsafe, or make sure to
communicate that danger on a higher level (docs).
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