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> I’d like to hear some concrete use-cases for a such block explorer(ish) API.

https://github.com/Ayms/bitcoin-transactions which is somewhere
bitcoin-cli outside of bitcoin core with no wallet, which implies that
you don't want to mix/provide your wallet with/to the app creating your
transactions and/or you don't want to use wallet sw

Problem: quasi nobody succeeds to use it (and probably this trend is
unlikely to revert), that's why there is https://peersm.com/wallet which
is querying the info outside and output the right command to use with
the tool (or output the transaction if people put their keys, which is
of course not advised unless they are sure that the corresponding
addresses are dead ones)

It is planned to put the app for the advanced mode (ie people must know
all the parameters) as an offline one inside browsers, then back to the
above problem...

So probably the offline mode should include a phase where the tool
connects to some APIs/explorers like the one suggested here before
switching to the offline mode to enter the keys, this will always be not
very secure for the query phase unless it can become something
decentralized (and usable the same way on different networks), which as
far as I understand is envisioned here

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