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> In order to ascertain non-ownership of an input which is claimed to be
> external, the wallet needs the scriptPubKey of the previous output spent by
> this input.

A wallet can easily check whether a scriptPubKey contais a specific
pubkey (as in P2PK/P2TR), but I think it's impractical for most wallets
to check whether a scriptPubKey contains any of the possible ~two
billion keys available in a specific BIP32 derivation path (and many
wallets natively support multiple paths).

It would seem to me that checking a list of scriptPubKeys for wallet
matches would require obtaining the BIP32 derivation paths for the
corresponding keys, which would have to be provided by a trusted data
source.  If you trust that source, you could just trust them to tell you
that none of the other inputs belong to your wallet.

Alternatively, there's the scheme described in the email you linked by
Greg Saunders (with the scheme co-attributed to Andrew Poelstra), which
seems reasonable to me.[1]  It's only downside (AFAICT) is that it
requires an extra one-way communication from a signing device to a
coordinator.  For a true offline signer, that can be annoying, but for
an automated hardware wallet participating in coinjoins or LN, that
doesn't seem too burdensome to me.


[1] The scheme could be trivially tweaked to be compatible with BIP322
    generic signed messages, which is something that could become widely
    adopted (I hope) and so make supporting the scheme easier.

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