Good morning Chris again,

> For the avoidance of theft, it is probably better for Bob to wait for 
> Alice-side funding tx to confirm, probably deeply because reorgs suck.

Over in Lightning-land, we have a concept called "irrevocably committed".
This is a state where a newly-created contract can no longer be cancelled, by 
publishing an older state.
In Lightning, there is a short timeframe where a new state, and its directly 
previous state, are both still valid, until the previous state is revoked.
Only once the previous state (that does not contain the contract) has been 
revoked, and only the latest state is valid, can a forwarding node actually 
forward the payment.

This is roughly equivalent to the funding tx for the CoinSwap being confirmed.
Until a transaction is confirmed, the UTXOs it spends (i.e. the previous state) 
can still be validly spent by other alternate transactions.

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