Hi Peter,

> that current lacks compelling use-cases clearly beneficial to all users

All the use cases shared in below links look compelling enough to me and we can 
do anything that a programmer could think of using such restrictions:



> I don't think CTV in its current form makes that case sufficiently, and the 
> technical details are lacking.
CTV cannot be compared to segwit or taproot. We are expecting different things 
in that case. CTV is trying to do add basic covenants in Bitcoin that would 
help all Bitcoin users. Most important thing missing in lot of conversations is 
the low demand for block space which affects everyone who understands 
importance of fees in long term. Right now fee rates only spike during peak 
bull markets which indicate the only use case is speculation and this can be 
improved if developers could do better things with Bitcoin smart contracts.

This would also ensure that we don't end up with something really contentious 
in future that changes supply.

> DoS Attacks

I think this was already answered by Jeremy and pull request to add related 
information is also merged:



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