Hello Everybody,

Over the last few months we have been steadily adding
functionality to MultiBit including:
+ encrypted wallets
+ sign and verify message
+ stability improvements and bug fixes.

As a result of these efforts I think MultiBit is now
suitable for the entry level Bitcoin user. I propose 
that we put MultiBit as the default desktop client 
on the bitcoin.org "Choose your wallet" page.

I think a typical new user comes to bitcoin.org from a 
google search or a Bitcoin news article. We want them to 
peruse the bitcoin.org site and try out a wallet. They 
should be able to get MultiBit up and running in a tea break. 
Then perhaps they get a colleague to send them some bitcoin 
from an Android phone by zapping a QR code. 

We say: "Welcome to the Bitcoin economy !"

There is plenty MultiBit cannot do of course. However if
in the first ten minutes we get the new user interested 
there is a good chance they will go on to explore other 
Bitcoin wallets and solutions. 

Let me know if you think this is a good idea (or not!)
and if you have any questions.



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