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> Hello Everybody,
> Over the last few months we have been steadily adding
> functionality to MultiBit including:
> + encrypted wallets
> + sign and verify message
> + stability improvements and bug fixes.
> As a result of these efforts I think MultiBit is now
> suitable for the entry level Bitcoin user. I propose
> that we put MultiBit as the default desktop client
> on the bitcoin.org "Choose your wallet" page.
> I think a typical new user comes to bitcoin.org from a
> google search or a Bitcoin news article. We want them to
> peruse the bitcoin.org site and try out a wallet. They
> should be able to get MultiBit up and running in a tea break.
> Then perhaps they get a colleague to send them some bitcoin
> from an Android phone by zapping a QR code.

This is definitely a great discussion to have.  Here are some initial,
unprioritized thoughts.  As an engineer, there is never a clear
answer, but a balance of costs and benefits.

Arguments in favor of moving away from Bitcoin-Qt/bitcoind for wallet services:
* Bitcoin-Qt is admittedly a very simple wallet.  I see it's core
strengths more as a "P2P router" for the public blockchain data.
* Wallet feature innovation moves more slowly than
* Requires the full blockchain, which is resource-intensive versus SPV.

Arguments in favor of retaining Bitcoin-Qt/bitcoind default:
* More field experience, code review and testing on desktop than others
* Very real possibility of an overall net reduction of full nodes on P2P network

Arguments in favor of multibit default:
* Good user interface, perhaps more friendly for entry level users as
you describe
* Based on bitcoinj, which has field experience and a very large
installed base thanks to Bitcoin Wallet/Schildbach

Arguments against multibit default:
* Less testing, field experience on desktop

I'm sure others can come up with a few more.

Jeff Garzik
Senior Software Engineer and open source evangelist
BitPay, Inc.      https://bitpay.com/

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