A few months ago I had a conversation with an executive at a Bitcoin
company, and I suggested their developers should get involved with the
development list. I was told that they are all subscribed but refuse to
post. Puzzled, I asked why, maybe the process isn't clear or we didn't talk
about what they were interested in? No, it's because in that executives
words "They see how Peter Todd shoots people down in flames and want
nothing to do with that".

Peter, you were named explicitly as the source of the problem. Your
immediate knee-jerk reaction to anyone who disagrees with you is making
this forum aggressive and ugly - it puts other people off from
contributing. For what it's worth, if I were the moderator of this list I
would have banned you a long time ago because I value a friendly atmosphere
more than your "insights", which are often deeply suspect (as in this case).

Besides, ground up redesigns of Bitcoin like what you propose are more
appropriate for bitcointalk. So please take it there.
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