>When is the right time to allow space pressure to rise that ratio?
>When the subsidy is at 1.5625, for example, it may be too late to

I don¹t believe we have to decide, the miners will do that and are doing
that already.

>start a non-catastrophic transition from subsidies to fees.
>I don't claim to know that, but it's something that worries me.
>No matter how many people say "that's too far away in the future to
>worry about it", I still worry about it and I'm sure more people do.
>What if "when it's time to care about it" we discover that we should
>have started to do things about it long ago to minimize the risks of
>this transition?

Hmmm. What should be the price of an email? How much should DARPA have
charged for using TCP/IP?

I see a lot of well-paid, first-world technologists arguing for commercial
returns on a nacent protocol which could could offer benefits to the
Is that really the vision: to (re)build a de-centralized Paypal with
slightly cheaper fees and cool hooks into off-chain commercial systems
providing profits for the already rich?

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