Fernando de Oliveira wrote:

> So, past Monday, I finally sent it for repair. Now it is back since
> Friday, apparently working without problems. The technician did not know
> exactly what to do, only some ideas. The composite solution I found:
> 1. Replacing all cables (technician's and my idea).
> 2. Cleaning everything inside the case.
> 3. Replacing the processor's fan (cooler) and installing one more fan
> inside the case.

Heat can indeed be a problem.  I've not really heard of a problem with 
cables before, but one thing that can cause heat problems is the power 
supply.  Checking that for how much heat is generated may help if the 
problem comes back.  The PS may also generate extra heat if it is under 
powered for your equipment.  Of course maxing all processors with some 
of the builds will stress the system.

> If everything goes on well, I will try to build more packages in my
> LFS"7.2", including Xorg, and then be back testing packages to help tag
> lfs_72... helping Bruce's "call for volunteers", and perhaps learning how
> to determine dependencies and how to produce diffs for the books, so could
> be more effective helping LFS/BLFS.

Creating a patch for a tarball is pretty easy.

tar -xf package.tar.gz
mv package package.orig
tar -xf package.tar.gz
Make changes to the source in package
diff -Naur package.orig package > patch

Creating a patch for the book is also easy

svn co svn://linuxfromscratch.org/BLFS/trunk/
Make changes
svn diff > patch

   -- Bruce

   -- Bruce

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