Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 12/10/12 17:11 CST:

> I don't think so.  The code is right there to see.  It's only three
> scripts and they need to be in the PATH to run with the instructions 
> given.  What benefit would DESTDIR give?

Actually, they don't *have* to be in the path to be executed from within a
package directory. And DESTDIR is a method one can use for package management.
Installing the scripts into {,/usr}/bin and then executing them doesn't really
allow for a packaged installation. I was actually thinking that it would be
really easy to create an autotooled package that would never need to be
updated by us as the only change ever made is downloading the certs from

No big deal as I've fixed it to work with a DESTDIR installation. The only
thing we cannot do is the c_rehash command that creates the symlinks in
/etc/ssl/certs) but that can almost be considered configuration which is
always done after a package is installed. It was just a thought. :-)


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