Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 12/10/12 17:11 CST:
>> I don't think so.  The code is right there to see.  It's only three
>> scripts and they need to be in the PATH to run with the instructions
>> given.  What benefit would DESTDIR give?
> Actually, they don't *have* to be in the path to be executed from within a
> package directory. And DESTDIR is a method one can use for package management.
> Installing the scripts into {,/usr}/bin and then executing them doesn't really
> allow for a packaged installation. I was actually thinking that it would be
> really easy to create an autotooled package that would never need to be
> updated by us as the only change ever made is downloading the certs from
> Mozilla.
> No big deal as I've fixed it to work with a DESTDIR installation. The only
> thing we cannot do is the c_rehash command that creates the symlinks in
> /etc/ssl/certs) but that can almost be considered configuration which is
> always done after a package is installed. It was just a thought. :-)

Go ahead and change it if you have a better way, but autotools or even a 
make is a lot of overkill.  Just a few cp commands to install and 
perhaps another master script to put it all together -- something like 
update-pciids.  BTW, perhaps the scripts should go in /usr/sbin.

   -- Bruce
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