Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to give some input about the CA Certs installation. First, why are
> the shell scripts installed in /bin and not /usr/bin? The wget program is not
> available and chances are networking is not enabled in single usr mode (why
> else would /usr not be mounted?)

I can't answer the why question.  AFAICR, we took the script from RedHat 
and they probably had it that way.  It probably should be in /usr/bin. 
There is a more serious issue than wget.  It's right in the first line 
of make-cert.pl:


To me, it doesn't make any difference.  If /usr/bin is mounted, then 
either /bin or /usr/bin will work.  I don't see these scripts being
used without /usr mounted.

> Also, the installation is not conducive to performing a DESTDIR installation.
> I modified the installation (including the scripts) to work with a complete
> DESTDIR installation. Would this be worth putting into the book?

I don't think so.  The code is right there to see.  It's only three
scripts and they need to be in the PATH to run with the instructions 
given.  What benefit would DESTDIR give?

   -- Bruce
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