Arthur Radley wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs <at>> writes:
>> I don't understand why they didn't get installed.  I can see that a
>> several directories may be kept that are not needed, but all the files
>> should still be installed.
>>     -- Bruce
> That happened because the errors caused by the failure to remove two files
> in the build directory resulted in the script exiting the shell at that
> exact point, as it should I guess. That particular package is somewhere in
> the middle of the md5 file. Nothing following it was installed.

OK.  I see the issue now.  We jsut need to add as_root to the rm command.

> All of this happened without a lot of visual evidence that anything went
> awry. The two single lines reporting the error are plainly there if I am
> looking for them, but not particularly noticeable the first time as I was
> moving fast through this stuff as usual.
> Anyway, the one thing that made me stop and start looking at it was that the
> exit command logged me out of the console instead of merely dropping back to
> the previous shell. I repeated this several times. It happens consistently.

If the exit is a part of the script started by bash -e, then that 
shouldn't happen.  If it is after the script, I can see that.

   -- Bruce

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