Ken Moffat wrote:
>> Thanks Ken.  I was given a URL to check out for teaching.  Please see if
>> you can use
>> I don't think there's a password for the beta test but I didn't get that
>> far.  If it seems to work for you, then I'll go build FF for this platform.

>   It opened a new window, occupying the whole screen.  And then it
> appears to need me to set up an ID, including email and activation
> code - from that I guess that they (whoever they are) will use the
> email to send me the activation code.  I'm not inclined to do that.
>   Going back to the the site itself, I don't think you need to
> bother.  The first item in "List of Known Issues and Bugs" is:
> Mozilla Firefox not supported
> Mozilla Firefox is not yet supported. For now, we encourage Linux OS
> users to use Chrome to sign in to the HTML5 LabSim.

OK, thanks.  At least they are getting away from silverlight.

Has anyone looked into building chrome from source?

   -- Bruce
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