On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 03:19:45PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> BLFS Trac wrote:
> > Comment (by ken@…):
> >   At the moment I'm still trying to absorb the systemd changes in LFS - my
> >   own scripts now build a working LFS with eudev and _current_ LFS
> >   bootscripts, and I'm fairly confident that the systemv-on-systemd build
> >   will work when I test it.  But I'm not yet confident about what I need to
> >   add so that I can successfully convert it to boot systemd (keyboard, font,
> >   dhcp), let alone how to convert my own private bootscripts (fix cpufreq,
> >   run a smartd check at boot), nor the changes to ensure that the various
> >   daemons will be started by systemd (e.g. postfix, nfs   That will probably
> >   take me the rest of this month, maybe a bit longer depending how hard it
> >   is to convert my own initscripts to work with systemd.  After that I
> >   intend to build the parts of BLFS which I use on my normal desktops, so
> >   I'll hopefully be able to fix _some_ of the issues.
> Moving to -dev for additional discussion.
> My objective is to allow users that do not want to consider or even try 
> systemd to continue to do what they are already doing.

 And you appear to be achieving that.  I don't like "that new
thing", but I can see the logic of what you are doing.

> (If you like your current scripts, you can keep your current scripts. 
> That's an inside political joke, but most Americans will get it.)

 I've no idea what that refers to, but it doesn't matter.  I know
that (at least) you and Pierre use jhalfs, and for me that is
unusable (/scratch is an nfs mount on/from my server, I _really_ do
not want to try to build there - by the same token, I use different
'patch' commands).  None of these things matter, and I've now
developed my scripts to do better logging of what got installed, and
what got modified.  My point was that _many_ people who build
LFS-svn will either copy and paste, or will already have their own
scripts.  As you said (paraphrasing), this is a major change - those
of us with our own scripts will have to take the time to understand
it, and all of us ought to notice that a few "new" packages are now
in LFS.

> I am currently reorganizing and rewriting Chapter 7.  It's not an easy 
> rewrite because I need to figure out the organization as well as the 
> content.  I do intend to address things like keyboard, font, etc.  I 
> wasn't going to address dhcp because we do that in BLFS, but simple dhcp 
> is built into systemd, so I may say something about that.

 Yes, I saw the posts this week about dhcp and checked the systemd
references.  That part is now in my sysv-systemd buildscripts, but
not yet tested.  My impression is that you _have_ addressed the
keyboard and font setup, but I need to look at the detail (e.g.
many of my builds will still be eudev and will not include systemd
or dbus in the LFS part, so I need to confirm whichh sort of build
I'm running, and perhaps make the systemd configuration conditional
(e.g. if the directories were created by systemd and therefore do
not exist).

 Also, my console sttings are quite different from the book (one of
my LatGrkCyr fonts, either 8x16 or 12x22 depending on the machine,
and my own keymap to give me _some_ useful compose sequences -
actually, I keep hoping I'm going to be able to spend time on both
of those: my fonts could do with a few improvements, and I'd like to
get some sort of cyrillic and (ideally) greek input working on the
console, but everything else continues to get in the way ;-) .

> Actually, systemd is supposed to honor System V boot scripts, but I 
> haven't checked that out.

 Thanks for the reminder - I had seen that before, but forgotten
about it because I never wanted to use that package.  Maybe I'll
give it a try on this build.

> Armin has created some systemd services for daemons and I want to 
> incorporate those in the BLFS bootscripts.  I've prototyped the Makefile 
> so that it installs what is needed if the underlying directories are 
> present.  The changes should be transparent to users that only want sysv 
> or only want sysd in addition to those who want to try both.

 That sounds useful, but I dare say that I'll want to look at the
details of creating systemd services in any case : partly because
I'm as anal as most other LFS users, and partly so that I can
support user problems.

> Last night I was trying to figure out how to set the dmesg log level in 
> systemd.  It turns out that it can be done with sysctl and set:
> kernel.printk = 4 4 1 7
> where the numbers are console_loglevel, default_message_loglevel, 
> minimum_console_loglevel, and default_console_loglevel.  The only number 
> we really are concerned with is the first.
> This can be done in either sysd or sysv, but it's not as simple as 
> setting LOGLEVEL=4 and then use dmesg -n $LOGLEVEL in a script which is 
> how we do it now.

 Thanks for that - I hadn't even thought about that (but I
definitely will need it when I get to trying to boot with systemd).
Yet another thing to look up :-(

> In any case, I'll be asking for help in reviewing the changes as they 
> are made.  I think I may be able to do an initial commit of a new 
> Chapter 7 in a couple of days.
>    -- Bruce

 And again, thanks - by that stage I _might_ be building the sysv
part of sysv-systemd, but I probably won't be able to comment.

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