Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 03:19:45PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> My point was that _many_ people who build
> LFS-svn will either copy and paste, or will already have their own
> scripts.  As you said (paraphrasing), this is a major change - those
> of us with our own scripts will have to take the time to understand
> it, and all of us ought to notice that a few "new" packages are now
> in LFS.

Really, the only thing that's different through the end of Chapter 6 is 
adding new packages.  Skipping systemd and adding eudev is all that is 
needed to do a straight traditional build (with a few packages from 
BLFS).  D-Bus is not started by default in the System V setup, but the 
binaries are built and installed.

There is one minor change in sysvinit when there are four lines that 
move files.  If systemd is not installed, those are not needed.  The 
scripts in the new 7.1 section are not needed either.  For System V, 
everything else is the same.

> My impression is that you _have_ addressed the
> keyboard and font setup,

Not yet.  At least not to my satisfaction.

>   Also, my console sttings are quite different from the book (one of
> my LatGrkCyr fonts, either 8x16 or 12x22 depending on the machine,
> and my own keymap to give me _some_ useful compose sequences -
> actually, I keep hoping I'm going to be able to spend time on both
> of those: my fonts could do with a few improvements, and I'd like to
> get some sort of cyrillic and (ideally) greek input working on the
> console, but everything else continues to get in the way ;-) .

What we do need to support how to do that, but users like you will need 
to customize for your specific needs.

>> Armin has created some systemd services for daemons and I want to
>> incorporate those in the BLFS bootscripts.  I've prototyped the Makefile
>> so that it installs what is needed if the underlying directories are
>> present.  The changes should be transparent to users that only want sysv
>> or only want sysd in addition to those who want to try both.
>   That sounds useful, but I dare say that I'll want to look at the
> details of creating systemd services in any case : partly because
> I'm as anal as most other LFS users, and partly so that I can
> support user problems.

Of course.   And I want to explain the basics in Chapter 7 to get you 
started.  Really it is a set of new configuration files with new formats 
in new locations.   However there is a method to their madness and 
LFSers should be able to pick it up relatively quickly.

   -- Bruce
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