Pierre Labastie wrote:

Quite a few packages reference the "alsa" id as a dependency, but this id
links to the introduction to alsa (which says almost nothing), not to a
specific package. Does it mean all the alsa packages are a dependency, or
just alsa-lib, or something else? If it is just some kernel configuration,
maybe it could appear on this intro page, rather than on the alsa-lib
page. If the dep is alsa-lib, we should use that page id (alsa-lib), not


multimedia/libdriv/libao.xml:      <xref linkend="alsa"/>, and
multimedia/libdriv/xine-lib.xml:        <xref linkend="alsa"/>,
multimedia/libdriv/sdl.xml:      <xref linkend="alsa"/>,
multimedia/audioutils/audacious.xml:      <xref linkend="alsa"/> and
multimedia/videoutils/mplayer.xml:      <xref linkend="alsa"/>,
postlfs/virtualization/qemu.xml:      <xref linkend="alsa"/>,
gnome/platform/gnome-settings-daemon.xml:      <xref linkend="alsa"/>,
introduction/welcome/which.xml:  packages. Note that many people may want
to use the <xref linkend="alsa"/>


I am almost sure libao needs only alsa-lib. But before checking the
others, I'd like to know whether it is worth changing those refs.

To me it means the minimum is alsa-lib, but can use any of the plugins, firmware, oss, as desired by the user. As noted by Tim, alsa is not very useful without alsa-utils to, at a minimum, un-mute the output channels.

  -- Bruce

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